Unexpected Delays

Our visits to and from Nafplio continued.  Signing of papers, visiting the architect, visiting the bank for a loan and when all these things were arranged, if everything went smoothly the house would finish before summer.

In real life, however, things don’t turn out as we plan them and we had a sudden death in the family which put our plans on hold for a couple of months.

Then when we decided to go ahead again we were told that new requirements for a green licence were now necessary and this delayed our plans for a few more months.  We finally got the licence in January, and our engineer told us that we were the first to get the green licence in Argolida.

The construction started end of January….  Unfortunately a lot of the trees had to be cut down…

Visit 7th February:  The basement is being constructed..

Visit 7th March.

Visit on 21st March:   The first floor is being built.  Arches are being drawn.

Visit 5th April:  The first floor skeleton is complete.  Next visit will be after Easter…

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About Ivy

I'm from Cyprus, married to a Greek and we live in Assini, a small village near Nafplion. I am a food blogger and recipe developer. Cooking is my hobby and I have two cooking blogs, one in English http://kopiaste.org and one in Greek http://kopiaste.info. I am also the author of cookbook "Mint, Cinnamon & Blossom Water, Flavours of Cyprus, Kopiaste!"

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