A roof over our head and please help me make up my mind!!

Everybody’s dream is to have a roof over their head and we have reached the stage where the roof is now being placed on our house.  Hopefully it will be ready by next week.

At this stage there are so many things we have to decide about and I am so confused!!

What colour to paint the exterior?  What colour the interior?

I think the exterior may not be so difficult, so let’s focus on the interior.

The photo above is the kitchen I have chosen from the show room and below is my kitchen space, a couple of months back.

According to the plan of our house, this is the sketch which has been prepared for us.  The colour is the same as above, as the picture below has been scanned from a low resolution print.

The colour of the floor is something like the picture below but instead of wood, it is a granite floor tiles and the walls will be something between beige and light yellow (buff).  See colours below.

A dining room table will be placed infront of the window and opposite the kitchen will be the living room, which are all in the same space.

I am not buying new living room furniture as the ones I now have, were bought a couple of years ago.  Their colour is dark chocolate brown, so I have to match them with the remaining house.

I have beige covers on the leather couches, which I may not use in the other house.

I can’t make up my mind if making the kitchen brown and beige will be too dark.  Shall I keep it like this or is it better to make it the opposite i.e. everything beige with brown counter tops, bearing in mind that the walls will be probably beige as well.

I found this colour chart, so what do you think?  Shall I paint the walls in the living room chocolate, beige and blue green?

What do you think?  Any suggestions are welcome.



9 thoughts on “A roof over our head and please help me make up my mind!!

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  2. Wow beautiful Ivy! We owned one home – our first apartment in Nantes which we sold two years ago. My husband convinced me to add lots of color throughout the house. The kitchen was red and white. The huge family room was charcoal gray and white with touches of a wonderful muted apple green (I cannot describe it), the diningroom was a deep raspberry, the living room was half burnt orange and half what is called Gris de Seine (Seine – as in the river – gray). Now this was an odd, hard to grasp color but we painted huge swathes of wall with it and I have never seen such a color: depending on the light is went from pale gray to a stunning sage green to gold! It was fabulous! Our bedroom we also painted in a color that changed with the light from pale fawn gray to lavender. This makes for a stunning effect. But always know that whatever you paint it in, you can repaint when you tire of it! But living in vivid colors is so wonderful! Oh just don’t go beige!

    • Jamie, thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas. A part of me wants to be bold and add bright and vivid colours but then I chicken out and go for a more classic choice. I have a lot of thinking to do!!

  3. Eek! So many difficult choices! And I will have to face similar ones in a few week’s time, so I’m very sympathetic.
    I personally love the buff colour for the wall. Good luck with the works! The house looks really lovely.

  4. Wow congratulations on your beautiful home! You may have already painted the entire house by now, but I personally love color. I usually prefer warm rich colors, but depending on how much light you have it may not be good to go too dark as it will close up the space.
    Hope you are doing well 🙂

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